About Me

 Born and raised in San Francisco, my roots singing pop favorites go way  back. I vividly remember as a child hearing the great songs of the 30s  sung by my father, Don Steele, who was lead singer for the Phil  Harris-Harold Lofner band in pre-WW II days. (Dad was singing at the St  Francis Hotel in SF at the time Bing Crosby was singing at the Coconut  Grove in LA),  with Sinatra about to come on the scene.  

We had big names singing and playing at parties at home, like Josh White  who taught me folk blues licks sitting by the fireplace and Rusty  Draper whose Las Vegas lounge act style of country set the bar for  me  As a counterpoint to Nashville, Ronnie Kemper of "Does Your Mother  Know You're Out Cecila" fame was a regular taking turns at the piano in  our living room. Ever since I have loved performing this niche of  "Big Band" novelty songs. 

I was lucky to attend high school with Johnny Mathis who sang at our  rallys and his smooth style is why I perform Bobby Darin and Frankie  Avalon signature pieces like Dream Lover, Beyond the Sea and Venus.  

I attended the University of Southern California and 
made a lifelong friend with Tom Morey, a fellow USC Phi Delt , who keeps  me in tune with the Progressive Jazz side of life. Tom  invented the  Morey "Boogie Board" and is a great Jazz drummer, still performing in  Laguna Beach. My smooth jazz guitar styling rendition of "Summertime"   was influenced by Tom as well as my vocal jazz swing pop standards like  Witchcraft and Under My Skin. . 

Personal Note: I am married to Elizabeth (Steele) and we live in the Thousand Oaks subdivision of Trinity.